PCBA Offline/Online Selective Wave Soldering Machine for Through-hole components

Selective soldering is the process of soldering electronic through-hole (TH) components on a printed-circuit board (PCB) using a small solder fountain.

The soldering process includes 3 stages, namely 1) flux spray, 2) preheating and finally 3) soldering by solder fountain.

  • Minimizes consumption of flux, solder, electricity, and Nitrogen gas as compared to conventional wave soldering
  • Produces reliable solder joints without damaging coponents
  • Process reproducibility is achieved
  • Process optimization can be achived easily
  • Do not require expensive aperture wave solder pallets & masks
selective soldering machine 3T-Ant-i1

PCBA Offline Selective Wave Soldering Machine Ant-i1

Features:PCB is moved by X/Y table by servo drive, solder pot is moved in Z by servo drive, drop jet flux is moved by air-cylinder acutuator

Selective Soldering Machine 3T-Ant-i2

PCBA Offline Selective Wave Soldering Machine 3T-Ant-i2

High quality soldering, High production, Low investment

PCBA Inline Selective Soldering Machine 3T-Flex-i2

PCB is transported into machine by stainless steel roller conveyor system. It is then clamped into position and allow spray fluxer to work.After that the same table will move x, y, z1, z2 for selective soldering. During the process, top preheater can be turned on to maintain PCB's temperature.

PCBA Selective Wave Solering Machine 3T-Flex-i2

PCBA Selective Wave Soldering Machine 3T-MAS-i2

3T-MAS-i2 Selective Soldering Machine is formed by 3 processes and integrated into one compact machine.

- Selective spray flux part: It can do selectively flux spraying to programmed position on PCB

- Preheating : It heats up PCB and activate flux performance

- Selective soldering : It does selective soldering to programmed pads on PCB.

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