OCR Epoxy Adhesives

OCR Adhesive

Optical Clear Resin OCR Adhesives for Optical Bonding

OCR is an adhesive used for optical bonding

Optical bonding is the process which attaches the touch panel (or other filter or overlay) directly to the LCD, filling the small air gap between the front of the display and the back of the touch panel

The use of OCR enhances the brightness, contrast ratio and reliability of the display

  • High Contrast Ratio
  • Low Reflection
  • High Reliability

Benefits of OCR - High Contrast

OCR Air-Gap Low Reflection

The use of OCR reduces light-reflection resulting in higher visibility under bright ambient environments.

Benefits of OCR - High Reliability

OCR Air-gap high reliability

With optical bonding, the light-transmission is increased, resulting in a clearer brightness and display

Optically Clear Resin OCR for High Refractive Glass

(R>1.7) Low TI <2.5 , Low Reflectance (<0.1%)