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Silicone Rubber - Thermal Conductive Release

Silicone rubber is commonly used as an insulator and cushion between bond head and ACF during TAB bonding or ACF bonding process.

Features of Silicone rubber
1. High Heat conductivity.
2. High Temperature Resistance - over 300 degC
3. Cushion Effect - provides superb protection against damage due to deformation as well as shock and vibration
4. Complies with UL Standards (UL 94. UL 746)

Silicone Rubber

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silicon rubber cushion

Silicone Rubber - Thermal Interface Material

Physical form : Sheet, Roll, Die-cut, Molding, Gel ... etc

Application :
1. Electronic components (IC, CPU, MOS)
2. LED, Motherboard, Power Supply unit, Heat sink, LCD-TV, Notebook PC, PC, Telecom device, Wireless hub
3. DDR II Module, DVD Appliance ... etc
4. Thermal conductive material for all types of heaters


Silicone Rubber - Light Shielding Sheet & Film - GSP Series

Made of silicone rubber with and without Mylar additive, it has 3 key functions:

1. Good light shielding
2. Non-conductive
3. Good sealing properties

Application :
Commonly use in LCD display assembly. It helps to block light, provides a non-conductive barrier, acts as a cushion that performs like a damper to absorb shock, and can seal waterproof assembly.

LCD Monitor, LCD TV, Laptop Monitor and Mobile devices are all types of electronic products that uses this product.


Silicone Rubber - Transparent & Translucent Series

It includes transparent and translucent silicone sheet & film.
Non-conductive, waterproof and anti-dazzle, it could be used as a protection for various types of electronic devices and consumer goods.

Application :
1. PC & Notebook
2. Keyboards
3. PC case, Laptop case cover
4. Remote control