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We provide Product Sourcing Services to many of our clients. Wtih a dedicated team of technical sourcing experts from Japan and Singapore,
we help to supply many of the hard-to-find materials essential for your manufacturing activies.

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Business Products
Super-X 8008
Elastic Adhesive
Epoxy Resin Adhesive
Thermoplastic Resin Adhesive (Solvent type)
Hot Melt Adhesive
Emulsion Adhesive
Adhesive and Filler with special functions
Denki Kagaku Kogyo Kabushiki Kaiaha
2nd-generation acrylic adhesives (SGA)
UV light curing adhesives (Enethiol resin-based, acrylate)
Temporary fixing adhesives for machining processes (cutting, grinding, and polishing, and surface protection)
Dow Corning
Pressure Sensitive Adhesives
Reactive Hot Melt Adhesives
Soft skin Adhesives
Henkel Japan
Loctite instantaneous adhesive
Vinyl acetate resin emulsion
Reaction hardening model vinyl resin emulsion
Acrylic acid resin
interpolymerization resin emulsion
A solvent adhesive
A chloroprene rubber solvent
Epoxy resin
Nogawa Chemical Co.,Ltd
Epoxy resin adhesive
f-cyanoacrylate adhesive
Elastomer adhesive
Acrylic adhesive for structural uses
UV curing adhesive
Pressure-sensitive adhesive
Shin-Etsu Chemical Co., Ltd
One component RTV rubbers
Two component RTV rubbers (for electric and electronic applications)
Two component RTV rubber (for mold making)
Sealants (Construction use)
Sony Chemical
Silicone rubber based flame retardent adhesives
Polyester resin based flame retardent adhesives
UV curable adhesives for optical pick-up
UV curable adhesives for Flat Panel Display
UV curable ahdesives for optical disk (DVD)
Adhesives for steel sheets
Sumitomo 3M Limited
Epoxy Resin Adhesive
One-part, epoxy compound resin
One-part, epoxy compound resin
ThreeBond Co.,Ltd
Silicone Adhesive for electronic equipment
Silicone based potting agents
Industrial use adhesive (synthetic-rubber-based adhesive; moisture - curing, elastic adhesives)
UV-curing resin (acrylic based)
UV curing resin (epoxy based, etc)
Toagoseoi Co.,Ltd
Aron Alpha (instant glue)
Aron Alpha peripheral products
Light curable adhesives
Hot melt adhesives
Highly functional and reactive adhesives
Aron Ceramic
Aron Ever-Grip products
TOSHIBA Silicone Co.,Ltd
Silicone adhesives
One-part, epoxy compound resin
Heat resistant, inorganic adhesives
Sealants (for construction)
Silicone (for mold making)
Heat Cured @Rubber
Silicone (for life)
Silicone (for string)

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Sankeikagaku Co.,Ltd
Grease , Oil, Instantaneous grease
Kyodo Yushi Co., Ltd
Grease, Oil
Molybdenum, sticking-preventing agents, Contact point rejuvenators
Electronic parts protecting agents, heat dissipating, silicone based gel sheets
Automobile chassis coating agents and rust-resistance agents for car body

Shin-Etsu Chemical Co., Ltd
Silicone fluids
Modified silicone fluids
Dow Corining
Anti-friction coatings
Oils & dispersions
Hydraulic oils
Gearbox oils
Compressor oils
Chain oils
Vacuum pump oils
Muilti-purpose oils
Idemitsu Kosan Co., Ltd
Marine oils
Maintenance Oils
Metal Working Oils
Grease Products
Industrial Oils
Nippon Oil Corporation
Automobile Lubricants
Industrial Lubricants
Metal Working Fluids
Marine and Private Power
Generation/ Cogeneration Lubricants
Industrial Gasoline/Solvents ENEOS Oil
Lube Corporation
Lube Original Grease
Sumico Lubricant Co., Ltd
Dry Film lubricant
Grease Synthetic grease
Cosmo Oil Co., Ltd
Industrial Lubricants
Marine and Private Power
Generation/ Cogeneration Lubricants
Lubricating oil for machine tools
Metal working fluids
Showa Shell Sekiyu K.K
Automobile Lubricants
Matsumuraoil Co., Ltd
Barrel series
Moresco Series
Neo Sealer Series
Kanto Kasei Ltd
Machinery Grease
Contact grease/ Contact oil
Yamaichi Chemical
Fluoro Coatings spray
NSK Clean Grease LG2/ LGU
ULVAC Techno, Ltd
vacuum Pump oil
NOK Corporation
Special Lubricants

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