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Customized Paint | Special Coating

Customized Paint & Coating

3T Frontiers supply various products ranging from paints such as resin paints, metal paints, hard coats, anti-contamination coats, inks, auxiliary materials and so on. We are also offering export services globally. We also work with our customers to develop customized paint/coating solutions to suit customers' unique product requirement..

Latest Products

1) Mirror-Like Paint
Mirror-liked paint is a special paint that can obtain the same level of appearance as the "mirror", which could only be realized only by vapor deposition or plating, by painting alone.

2) Hard-Coat UV Paint
Ultra Hard Coat (Scratch Resistant UV Clear) is designed for use on mobile phone applicationarts.

3) Anti-Fingerprint Coating

The Anti-Fingerprint Coating also provides high resistance to contamination.
The coating can achieve hardness of 3H.

Special Features

Paint for Resin Use
Acrylic Lacquer Paint
Two-part acrylic urethane paint high brightness
Good feel soft feel paint
Acrylic Silicone Paint
1-part acrylic silicone paint
Paint for Metal Use
Acrylic silicone paint
Baked acrylic resin paint
High performance baking type

And Many more.....

Our Manufacturing Partners in Paint/Coating Products

- Cashew Co., Ltd

- Jujo Chemical Co., Ltd

- Musashi Paint Co., Ltd

- Okawa Co., Ltd

- Seiko Advance Co., Ltd

- Takashi Kubo Paint Co., Ltd

- Teikoku Ink Mfg. Co., Ltd

- Toyo Ink Co., Ltd